Do you want to become a Mokapen Expert?

Welcome to our Mokapen Experts program!


We have created a community of selected professionals who have considerable experience in the use of Mokapen and a high level of professionalism in digital transformation, start-ups, digital marketing, e-commerce, sales, project management and everything that creates value.



Being a Mokapen Expert gives you the right to be published on the Mokapen Experts page and have visibility towards all Mokapen users and guests, in particular they can:

  • get in touch with potential customers or partners.
  • provide consulting services both on Mokapen and in their area of ​​expertise.
  • belong to a group of professionals accredited as official partners of Mokapen.



No financial commitment. We only ask that the Mokapen Expert present himself as such by supporting our work to make Mokapen the collaboration platform created for freelancers and small / medium enterprises, in particular:

  • promoting Mokapen to customers, partners and contacts if it can create value for their business.
  • receiving and reading newsletters, especially those relating to new updates or developments.
  • liking, sharing or commenting on posts on social channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, ...).
  • actively using Mokapen for their activities, staying up to date. The position on the Mokapen Experts page is higher the more the Expert uses Mokapen.


Apply to become a Mokapen Expert

Anyone can apply to become a Mokapen Expert, using the application form or the button at the bottom of the page.

Before approving a user as a certified Mokapen Expert we believe it is appropriate to get to know each other better.

The candidate can provide us with information such as:

  • the type of service provided, the value generated and the target users,
  • the sector in which it is active,
  • languages spoken and Linkedin profile,
  • his level of experience in Mokapen.

Once the application has been evaluated, we will reply and if accepted, the candidate will be able to complete their profile in their Profile / Expert section.

Numbers increasing every day.











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