Boost the productivity of your business.

In Mokapen you can collaborate with colleagues, customers and suppliers, managing your activities dedicately for any team.

Create projects and tasks for your teams.
Define deadline and accountable for the activities. Processes will be defined, automatized and simple.
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Create projects and tasks for your teams.
Involve your Customers in dedicated projects.
Involve your Customers in dedicated projects.
By inviting users as guests you will limit their visibility only to contents you want. All your collaborations in one place.
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Connect your network of contacts.
Upload your contacts directory and associate your activities. For each contact you have a complete view of related actions.
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Connect your network of contacts.
Solve issues through tickets.
Solve issues through tickets.
Manage the Customer Support by opening tickets to your team or by receiving them directly by your customers to solve requests.
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Plan sales digitally.
Convert leads into customers, keep track of your team's sales opportunities in pipelines and close deals quickly.
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Plan sales digitally.
Create your organization and collaborate with whoever you want. Big, medium and small enterprises and freelancers.
Launch projects with users of other organizations.
The Project Management online, simple and for everyone.
Take under control deadlines in a unique CRM platform. In the office or in smart working you will always be on track.
Save time and increase the productivity of your team. Automated processes will make the rest on behalf of you.

Join a marketplace of 1489 innovative companies.

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Whoever you are, there is the solution.

Thanks to its simplicity, Mokapen is perfect for any kind of activity: freelancer, small or medium.

Are you a student?

Create different projects for your exams and invite colleagues into groups. You will study better .

Are you a consultant?

Create projects for your customers and invite them to collaborate as guests. They will see only these.

Are you a company?

Share projects and tasks with your employees, manage teams, Customer and supplier contacts.

Contents. Each to their own.

Invite users with whom you collaborate with different roles.
In your organization they will see only projects and contents that you want.


They have full visibility of the organization, and can invite other users.


They have access to all contents of the organization which aren't private.


They have access only to projects and tasks to which they have been invited.

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About us

We are passionate. Passionate of digital 'things' that work well and save time. We have clear ideas on this: to make collaboration between people simple and accessible.
We have worked both in large companies and in small teams. We got our hands dirty and spent the small hours on business plans, processes and data management to bring out opportunities.

This is how Mokapen was born between Milan and Palermo.

Mokapen is a collaboration platform with integrated CRM that arises from an observation: the existing solutions on the market are complex, not modular and not always in Italian. This creates an entry barrier not allowing small businesses to have a “fast CRM”. We therefore decided to develop a tool that could be simple, logical, but also ready to be scalable, from small or medium-sized enterprises, to freelancers or students.

Well, we developed a digital application with a few buttons and clear features to make the job work simple for students, consultants, workers, entrepreneurs ... and of course us!
Here's how a (hopefully) beautiful thing was born.

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